The end of the trip

Our  last day in Delhi started with breakfast at a local hole in the wall. Often this is simply a phrase, however in India the phrase “hole in the wall” can often be taken literally. However, as with all the food we have had in India, breakfast was good.

This time we managed to connect with our taxi driver, Harry. We checked out of our lovely hotel and lugged all our bags through the back alleys to the taxi. First stop the spice market.

We took a rickshaw to the market, and while we no doubt paid too much, it was definitely worth having a guide to take us around.

From the spice market we went to the Red Fort.

The fort was impressive from the outside, but it is so big that inside it was just like any other part of the town.

After the fort was lunch, and by then we were tired and wanted to go home. Another hour of driving in the typical Indian traffic got us to the airport, followed by waiting, lining up, waiting, lining up, waiting, lining up, 14 hour flight, waiting …

One thought on “The end of the trip

  1. Bon Voyage guys !

    Appreciated your updates !

    Safe and happy travelling !

    Best vibes your way , Héleyne d’ Aigle . x x x

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