Going home

I am now at McCarran airport waiting to get the red eye flight home.

We climbed a couple of days in Red Rocks before rain forced us down to Jtree. In Jtree we met some of the climbers that Ian had been hanging out with, and we ended up hanging out with quite a group of dirt bag climbers.

The weather was cold and windy most of the time, however we did get one nice sunny day. We climbed everyday, and drank a lot of beer. We went through the Chasm of Doom a couple of times; this year is an adventure through boulders and chimneys that is done at night in complete darkness.

The day we returned to Vegas the weather was cold with a threat of rain. Ian dropped me at the airport, and plans on driving home in about 1 week.

Selfie at Outer Mongolia

Ian rocking his new T-shirt

Ringtail cat

Dinosaur on top of the blob

Ian soloing right ski track in a dinosaur onesie.

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