This morning Joe and Pat went for a morning yoga session just after breakfast. I stayed and finished off the book I was reading.  We then headed out for a cappacino and chocolate brownie before walking down to the town of Dharamsala.

Looking down the valle

We found a trail that wound down through a Buddhist temple, and then past a meditation center, before eventually reaching the town. It turned out to be just another crowded, busy town, with nothing worth visiting. Joe enjoyed walking alongside the road being narrowly missed by cars, buses and cows. “Would you rather be sitting reading a book?” he asked. Why yes I would, while sipping a cappacino thank you.

It’s a dog’s life

We stopped for lunch at a local restaurant, and as with all the places we have eaten, the food was good. Not too spicy, but enough to clear out the sinuses, and both cheap and tasty. We then hailed a taxi that brought us back to McLeod Gurg. 200 rupees ($4)  for the taxi back, about 10 kms.

Local wiring
Local home

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