Dalai Lama temple

After a Good snooze in our luxurious hotel, we headed out for an explore. It is interesting that the hotel I checked out and decided was too far and scuzy, was the one that Joe decided was ideal.

We walked up to McLeod Gurg with is the main focus of the traffic, and then headed down to check out the home of the Dalai Llama.  He is presently out of town, but it was good to visit his home in exile.

We wandered around the temple and museum.  Unfortunately, most of it is devoted to the political situation in Tibet and what is being done to the people rather than the actual Tibetan culture.

We then walked back to our hotel as it started to rain.  The streets here are very narrow,  and the whole town is built on a steep hillside. You will certainly get fit if you live here. As with everything in India, it is busy, noisy and crowded.

Hotel balcony in Dharamsala
View from balcony

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