Going home

I am now at McCarran airport waiting to get the red eye flight home.

We climbed a couple of days in Red Rocks before rain forced us down to Jtree. In Jtree we met some of the climbers that Ian had been hanging out with, and we ended up hanging out with quite a group of dirt bag climbers.

The weather was cold and windy most of the time, however we did get one nice sunny day. We climbed everyday, and drank a lot of beer. We went through the Chasm of Doom a couple of times; this year is an adventure through boulders and chimneys that is done at night in complete darkness.

The day we returned to Vegas the weather was cold with a threat of rain. Ian dropped me at the airport, and plans on driving home in about 1 week.

Selfie at Outer Mongolia

Ian rocking his new T-shirt

Ringtail cat

Dinosaur on top of the blob

Ian soloing right ski track in a dinosaur onesie.

Rainy day

Sitting in Dunkin Doughnuts while it rains outside. I arrived at noon on Monday and we went out and climbed Birdland.

We had a good day climbing a long route then watching a helicopter drop of some search and rescue guys for training.

We met up with some climbers that allowed us to share their campsite.

Yesterday we climbed Cat in the Hat and then some 300′ sport climbs.


Sitting in Montreal airport

I got the 5am flight out of Saint John. We were delayed 40 minutes due to de-icing, but arrived without incident in Montreal.

Then there is the long walk to the connection area, followed by the inevitable wait through customs. Everything went smoothly however it still takes time.

I picked up a bottle of rum at duty free, and had a great bagel at a kiosk. I am now having my Starbucks coffee waiting to board the next flight.

Joshua Tree

It is March Break and I am off to Las Vegas. Ian is picking me up at the airport, and we will be climbing in Red Rocks and JTree.

I am off to an interesting start. There is a storm coming in so my flight out of Saint John has been cancelled, however, I have been rescheduled and now arrive at 11:38am in Vegas, 12 hours earlier than planned.

The end of the trip

Our  last day in Delhi started with breakfast at a local hole in the wall. Often this is simply a phrase, however in India the phrase “hole in the wall” can often be taken literally. However, as with all the food we have had in India, breakfast was good.

This time we managed to connect with our taxi driver, Harry. We checked out of our lovely hotel and lugged all our bags through the back alleys to the taxi. First stop the spice market.

We took a rickshaw to the market, and while we no doubt paid too much, it was definitely worth having a guide to take us around.

From the spice market we went to the Red Fort.

The fort was impressive from the outside, but it is so big that inside it was just like any other part of the town.

After the fort was lunch, and by then we were tired and wanted to go home. Another hour of driving in the typical Indian traffic got us to the airport, followed by waiting, lining up, waiting, lining up, waiting, lining up, 14 hour flight, waiting …