Getting close

It is now just 2 weeks from departure time.  We have our hotel and taxis in Delhi booked, and have the bus to Manali booked.  We are staying at Hotel Africa in Delhi on the 4th October, and then taking an overnight bus to Manali on the 5th.

In Manali we will be staying at the Keylinga Inn for 2 nights before heading off to the mountain.  It will be a 3 day trek into basecamp, at which point the fun begins.

I am presently playing with my vacuum sealer to waterproof my clothes and minimize the space everything takes in the pack.

Vacuum sealed goodies.

Packing time

Follow along as we climb Deo Tibba …

Today we are sorting out the gear we need to take with us.  We are trying to keep our luggage to a minimum, not have to buy too much new gear, and still have everything we need with us.  This is a fine balancing act.


We are leaving Canada on October 3rd and will be traveling to the town of Manali in India.  There we will meet our local liaison with White Magic Adventures.  We will organize ourselves and then head into the mountains for some fun.  Follow along with our Blogs, and feel free to leave comments.